Peter Edwards (b.1978) is an American artist living in the Netherlands.

Edwards’ practice utilizes a variety of mediums. He is a musician, sculptor, inventor and teacher–though it is crucial to his work that these roles are not exclusive of each other. His focus takes place primarily at the intersections of these roles. The overlaps fulfill a desire to challenge, entertain and inspire audiences to perceive new possibilities. In addition, Edwards employs the practice of electronics hacking and circuit bending of common technologies (such as consumer electronics and educational toys) to illustrate that function should not be dictated to the end user. By blending mediums or practices thought to exist on their own, he hopes to destabilize preconceptions of role and function as well as dissolve the barriers between producer and consumer.

Edwards’ sculptural work has been shown at the Tang Museum (Saratoga Springs, NY), Green Gallery (YALE University, New Haven, CT), West Hall Gallery (RPI, Troy, NY) ABC no Rio (New York, NY), Lost Horse Gallery (Reykjavik, Iceland), Hans Wies Gallery (Manchester, CT) and more. His work has been presented internationally at venues including The MIT Media Lab, Transmediale, Dutch Electronic Arts Festival, New York Electronic Arts Festival and Performa among others.